Parent Bulletin: November 12, 2021

Parent Bulletin: November 12, 2021
Posted on 11/12/2021

Dear Families, 

This week, staff and families had an opportunity to meet virtually or over the phone to speak about their student’s progress. The partnership between the school and families is key to students’ success. We value this opportunity to speak to you and we encourage our families to keep the lines of communication going with their student’s educators throughout the school year. 

Staff and students recognized Indigenous Veterans day and Remembrance day on November 11th. The entire school connected to the live Remembrance Day ceremony put on by the OCDSB. Staff and students had the opportunity to see how other schools in the District showed their recognition. We also had the opportunity to hear from veterans which made learning authentic. Students captured their recognition of the contributions of our Veterans by documenting their appreciation, which will be displayed on our gratitude wall with poppies. 

Take Home Test Kits - Where Can I Drop Them Off? 

You can drop your test kits to the office here at Bells Corners PS before 2pm. Please review the following updates from OPH on dropping off your test kits at the Moodie or Brewer locations

The Weather is Changing 

We are entering into cooler weather in the coming weeks. We ask families to please send your student to school with layers - sweater, jacket, hat, gloves/mittens, longer and thicker pants, etc. to be comfortable as the temperature changes throughout the day. As much as possible, do check the forecast for the day before heading out. We try as much as possible to keep students outside as it contributes to health and well-being. Therefore, if it drizzles a little, we will try to stay out as much as possible. 

The expectation for staff is that students are sent out in the clothing they arrived in at school. Looking for Lunchtime Monitors 

Are you interested in becoming a lunchtime monitor during 1st and 2nd break? The hours are 11-12 and 2-3. You can select which days you would like to work. Duties include outdoor recess and indoor nutrition break in classrooms. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in becoming part of the BCPS team!

School Council 

Next School Council meeting will be held Tuesday, December 7th @ 6:30 p.m.. Please email [email protected] if you would like to attend via google meet. 

Scholastic Book Orders - Message from School Council 

Did you see the Scholastic flyers sent home? Students enjoy flipping through the flyer, circling books at their reading level, and some are as low as $3 like this MadLibs stocking stuffer and this Hanukkah MadLibs. There are books for French Immersion, books on culture and diversity, and the Oscar-winning book, Hair Love. Poke around the website, order online, and please use code RC133201; when you use this code, BCPS earns 20% in reward money. This Fall, our school library was able to spend $700 on new books thanks to parents like you who support reading through Scholastic. 

Click HERE to see the online catalogues: Holiday, and November English/French. With a minimum order of $40, you get free delivery to your home. If your family chooses not to spend the minimum amount, we have permission from Principal Lad to have your books mailed to the school. Just enter the school's address instead of your own, and when the books arrive a member of BCPS School Council will sort them and have them sent home with your child(ren). Happy reading! 

BCPS School Council 

This month we are reviewing RESPECT 

We continue to share ideas and reflections with staff and students in our daily announcements around respect. We encourage families to continue the conversation at home. 

Title of activity: Respect Looks Like... 

Discussion Starter 

Have each person in your home think about the following discussion question: What makes you feel respected in our home? Play a game of charades with each person acting out the answer to the above question. As a group, try to guess the answer. After each person has gone, discuss the question as a family. 

● What common themes came up when we talked about respect in our home? ● Think back on the past week to a frustrating time with a family member. How can respect promote kindness in the moment? 

Journal Prompt 

It’s very important to be aware of what respect looks like AND ways to increase your respectful words and actions toward others to create a kind home environment. In your journal, choose one of the following to help you grow and/or reflect on this topic. ● Draw a picture of one way you feel respected in our home.

● Create a T Chart. One one side, list disrespectful actions. On the other, list respectful responses to these actions. 

● Writing Prompt: Which part of your day do you find most difficult to show respect? How can you adjust your attitude? 

REMEMBER: Kindness is contagious! Pass it on.

Have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy time spent with family! 

Take Care, 

Sadhana and Elysa

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