Parent Bulletin November 19, 2021

Parent Bulletin November 19, 2021
Posted on 11/19/2021


Dear Families, 

This week has been a productive week as BCPS staff and students attended our virtual assembly. Educators took the time to share class achievements such as using adjectives in descriptive writing tasks, resiliency, learning about living and nonliving things, public speaking activities that focus on traditions and celebrations, problem solving and advocacy via letter writing on topics of global warming and the rights of the child. Bells Corners students are engaged in learning goals that are student centered. 

November 20th is National Children’s Day. Staff engaged students in a number of activities around children’s rights such as joining Canadian virtual celebrations, writing acrostic poems around respect, and writing letters to exercise children’s voices. 
The Weather is Changing

We are entering into cooler weather in the coming weeks. We ask families to please send your student to school with layers - sweater, jacket, hat, gloves/mittens, longer and thicker pants, etc. to be comfortable as the temperature changes throughout the day. As much as possible, do check the forecast for the day before heading out. We try as much as possible to keep students outside as it contributes to health and well-being. Therefore, if it drizzles a little, we will try to stay out as much as possible. 

The expectation for staff is that students are sent out in the clothing they arrived in at school.

Bulldog Clothing Sales are Back! 

Bulldog clothing is on sale this month. Parents have the opportunity to purchase sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats for their child. Proceeds will go towards enhancing student learning such as guest speakers and special 

presentations (e.g., scientists in school, MASC). More information on how to order will be available in the coming week. 

School Council: 

Next School Council meeting will be held Tuesday, December 7th @ 6:30 p.m.. Please email [email protected] if you would like to attend via google meet. 


Due to continued driver shortage, our red bus (route X86) may be consistently late in either the morning run or the evening run. This will be the case until they can find a more permanent driver to take over the run. OSTA assures families and the school that they will continue to work at finding a solution to this issue. We will notify families via our twitter feed on the evenings the bus is over 20 minutes late. 

Twitter: @BellsCornersPS 

Students and Bringing Outdoor Equipment From Home: 

Students are now permitted to bring outdoor equipment from home to use during outdoor recess. We recommend that students write their name on any equipment that they choose to bring from home. 

Food Drive: BCPS is Giving Back To The Community 

Bells Corners food drive is an initiative that supports the local food bank. We are permitted to collect non-perishable food items. We will begin our food drive on November 29th to December 6, 2021, where students can bring in non-perishable food items during this week. 

For the next month, we are reviewing CARING 

For the upcoming month of December, we are focusing on our next core value as a BCPS family: CARING. 

CARING means feeling and showing concern for others. This month, we are going to focus on having more caring in our school as well as in our families. We will discuss the importance of caring for ourselves as well as for others and for the spaces around us. We'll also explore caring through the lenses of compassion, gratitude, helpfulness, and empathy. This will be a great opportunity for you and your family to discover new ways to care for yourselves and for each other.

Title of activity: Talking About Caring

The first thing to discuss as a family is the definition of caring. What does it mean to care for someone or something? Next, talk about how you show caring in your family; remember that before you can care for others, you need to care for yourself. What are some things you each do to care for yourself? Try to list at least five things! If you can't do that, then consider what you might add to that list this month! 

Here are some you might think about: 

● Read just for fun. 

● Spend at least five minutes every morning in stillness - could be in prayer, meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, etc. For younger kids, five minutes of quiet nursery rhymes, looking at a picture book, or doing their own form of deep breathing is great! ● Write down something you are grateful for every day. 

● Laugh about something every day. 

● Move your body. 

● Compliment yourself! 

Discussion: Have everyone take turns saying one thing that makes them feel cared for at home. 

Journal (older): How does your family define caring ? 

Journal (younger): Draw a picture of yourself taking care of yourself (like brushing your teeth), taking care of others at home (like feeding a pet), or taking care of your home (like cleaning your room). How do you feel when you help out?

We wish all our families a wonderful weekend. 

Take Care, 

Sadhana and Elysa

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