Tech Release- April 13, 2020

Tech Release- April 13, 2020
Posted on 04/13/2020


I hope this message finds you and your family & friends well.  I'd like to share the following items with you...

1.  BCPS Staff Meeting Yesterday

- Educators (Teachers, EAS & ECEs) are excited to be preparing online learning for your children

- they are very pleased with your support and the enthusiasm displayed by many of our Bulldogs!  WOOF!!!

- the expectation is that the assigned work is to be completed and submitted and you can easily look and see what is expected and when it is due

- teachers will provide feedback and are concerned that not all children are participating

- we understand that there are many reasons that children are not completing work at home and we don't want to add pressure so please contact your teacher for support to get work done

- PLEASE let us know if you feel unable to support learning at home knowing that NO CHILD WILL BE PENALIZED SHOULD LEARNING FROM HOME NOT SUIT THE FAMILY.  If this is the case, please let us know.  I hope that's very clear.  We are here for you, your child AND your family.

2.  Tech at Home

- tech is heading into homes with identified needs

- there are 2 documents in the bag

- one helps you to set up and offers a support line to call and is attached Setting Up a Chromebook - For Parents (1).docx  

- the other outlines your responsibility and this text is below

- to keep the "borrowing tech to learn at home" experience positive, I recommend the following: 

- supervise children on tech closely, while it’s in use and keep it AWAY (on top of the fridge?) the rest of the day

- Board Tech is not for gaming or entertainment such as listening to YouTube videos, messaging with friends etc

- Board Tech should not be personalized and apps and extensions must NOT be installed 

- children should not eat or drink while using Board Tech.

- Board Tech is for learning with adult supervision only

- the Acceptable Use of Computers Policy applies

- misuse of technology is unacceptable

- these are the rules we follow at school and so these are the rules that should be followed at home. Feel free to read this with your child :)

- the text below is included in the tech deliveries

- the Board will look at another round of delivering tech to homes ASAP

- if you do not have tech or Internet access at home and require Board support, please let your teacher know ASAP




By accepting this device and/or equipment, you acknowledge responsibility for its care and security. Those checking out a device or equipment will be responsible for replacement or repair, due to loss, neglect, or accident.

I understand that the following conditions will apply:

  1. I will use reasonable care when transporting and using the device or equipment.
  2. When requested, I will return the device or equipment to the building in the same condition that it was received.


UNDERTAKING – As parent, guardian, student who is at least 18 years old or older or student who is at least 16 years old and has withdrawn from parental control, I understand the foregoing. I understand that I am ultimately responsible if the device or equipment loaned to my child or to me is lost, stolen or damaged while the device or equipment is under my care. I understand that I will bear any costs associated with repairs required as a result of damage to the device or equipment while the device or equipment is under my care or with the replacement of the device or equipment in the event that the device or equipment is lost, stolen or irreparably damaged while under my care. 

We hope this is helpful.

Stay connected.  Keep learning.  Be Safe.  We are here for you.


If you have any questions about the device please contact [email protected] or call 613-596-8738

Dave Petrie
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