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Family Bulletin for June 14, 2024
Our BCPS talent show has returned and it was an exciting event enjoyed by students and families. Thank you to Mr. Richmond for organizing and encouraging our many BCPS students to share their expertise and interests with our community of students! Swim to Survive for our grade 3 students has also started this week where students in grade 3 are learning about vital water safety skills. Our grade 3 and grade 6 students completed two days each of EQAO. Junior Track Day BCPS discusses having an attitude of gratitude and this month we want to say a huge thank you to our School Council! School Council has worked alongside Admin, educators and upholds supporting students in achieving their learning goals. Fundraisers are one aspect of the school council but more importantly, bringing our BCPS community together in creating events for families and students to meet. We have many roles available for the coming school year 2024-2025 and if you would like an explanation to see how you can become a member/volunteer, please contact: [email protected].
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Family Bulletin: May 31, 2024
It is hard to believe that we are entering the month of June! BCPS students have engaged in many instructional activities that are developing key learning and character building skills that will support them as they move forward in any grade. Our annual BCPS assembly took place this week and it was clear that students are celebrating their achievements in all areas of the curriculum, leadership development and well-being. In the upcoming month, parents will be invited to the school for a variety of events that signify this acquisition of many skills in your child’s development! Information will be shared in advance as events occur.
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Family Bulletin: May 17, 2024
Kindness matters at BCPS! Our students from Kindergarten to grade 6 engaged in creating a kindness rock garden for Mental Health Awareness Week. Every student designed a rock for our garden with the guidance of our Kindness leaders. This week our students from various grades were invited to watch a play performed by our very own primary students. Our students who are in the core french program were able to demonstrate their French language skills and what they have acquired this year! Another school wide initiative was our luv 2 groove performance, which allowed students to demonstrate their enjoyment of the Arts, in the area of dance. The final performance was exciting for our students to share their skill development with families last Friday. We appreciate our parent community supporting our many initiatives at BCPS!
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Introducing SafeArrival - New Student Absence Management System
SafeArrival is a system for managing student absences. Families can report absences in advance using a mobile app, website, or toll-free phone line. These options are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Family Bulletin: May 3, 2024
It is hard to believe that we are in the month of May! Students are engaging in many Arts initiatives at BCPS this month! Our Luv 2 Groove dance classes have resumed this week. The classes combine active movement with many skills that students have developed in physical education class. Parents will have an opportunity on May 10th to see a performance by our BCPS students. Students will also be engaging in another Kindness initiative this month by painting a river rock to add to our very own Kindness Rocks Garden.
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Scent Free Zone
Please be aware that Bells Corners PS is a fragrance/scent-safe work and learning environment. This applies to all staff, students, parents, visitors, and volunteers who work or visit the school
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Family Bulletin: April 19, 2024
What an exciting month of April we are having! Students are attending a number of great nutrition time clubs working on collaboration and building a number of skills (chess, craft, coding, just to name a few). We are preparing to welcome Luv2Groove at our school at the beginning of May. This ties in well to our Arts program - the Dance curriculum. On May 10th, we will be inviting families in grade 1-6 to come and watch the final performance
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Family Bulletin: April 5, 2024
It is hard to believe that we are in the month of April! The last few weeks, students have been engaging in extracurricular activities. The clubs are in abundance and it is an opportunity for students to take on leadership roles or simply explore an area of interest. Educators supervise the sessions and student leaders in grades 3 to 6 have asked to lead many of the clubs. The clubs that are currently taking place are kindness squad, rainbow loom, arts and crafts, choir, guitar, chess, colouring, knitting, basketball and coding club. The development of well-being, social responsibility and character development are at the forefront for our BCPS students’ growth
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Family Bulletin: March 22, 2024
It was an exciting week where educators welcomed students back to school after March Break. Students are engaged in many literacy and numeracy instructional activities within classrooms. In the area of Mathematics, students are engaging in digital resources such as Knowledgehook and developing and using strategies to represent their understanding of specific learning goals across the grades. Similarly, in literacy, BCPS continues to develop students’ literacy skills in the primary grades where they are developing their phonological and phonemic awareness skills. Educators regularly monitor achievement of various literacy goals
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Meet Our Multicultural Liaison Officer: Amal AbdulQader
Our school’s Multicultural Liaison Officer (MLO) supports newcomer students and families with settlement services, navigating the school system, language interpretation, and more.
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Family Bulletin: March 1, 2024
It is hard to believe that it is March! Pink Shirt Day was honoured on February 28th. Students wore pink to show their commitment to our BCPS community of care where there is no place for bullying. Our students developed a presentation to inform students how to identify bullying and ways to stop bullying behaviour. Kindness and lifting others up was a theme of the week.
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Family Bulletin February 15th, 2024
Our primary classes celebrated BCPS’s 100th day of school! Classes organized activities throughout the day that focused on numeracy skills and problem solving! This week students are preparing for Kindness week. Activities will be provided through our daily announcements and students will consider how to lift each other up! Our daily announcements has a standing message called “Daily Dose Of Kindness” where students read scenarios and situations and understand what decisions foster a positive resolution and foster understanding. More information will be shared in the coming weeks on how students consolidated their learning. Term 1 Report Card emails were sent to families on February 14th. If you did not receive an email, then email the office. Parents will need their child’s OEN number (which has been provided) to access report cards. Term 1 report cards provide an assessment to date of how your child is achieving in the area of learning skills and all subject areas. If you have specific questions, please take time to email your child’s educator to ask any questions.
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2024 Kindergarten Registration
Is your child turning 4 in 2024? Register now for Kindergarten at the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, where every child is welcome - regardless of faith, race, language, gender or background.
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Welcome to MFI Information Presentation
All students entering grade 4 are eligible for enrolment in the Middle French Immersion Program • French Immersion Programs in the OCDSB are designed specifically for students whose mother tongue is not French.
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Family Bulletin: January 19, 2024
The return to school from the holiday break has been off to a great start at BCPS! Students have returned to routines and are on their way to achieving their learning goals. There are many individual learning goals for students and learning goals as a whole school. BCPS is working on Math and Literacy goals as a school to develop students' foundational literacy and math skills to strengthen their engagement and knowledge in all subject areas.
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Middle French Immersion- FEB. 1, 2024
If your child has completed the grade 3 English/Core French Program, you can choose to enter the Middle French Immersion Program. All subjects are generally taught in French in grades 4, 5, and 6, except for English Language Arts and Math.
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Family Bulletin: December 22, 2023
Elysa and Sadhana would like to wish all our BCPS families an enjoyable holiday with family and friends. We appreciate the collaboration and partnership of all our families in supporting our students. We look forward to welcoming your student(s) back to school on January 8th, 2024!
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Kindergarten Information Night - JAN 18, 2024
On Thursday, January 18, 2024 at 6:30 p.m., we will host an in-person parent Information Night where you can learn about our full-day, fully-bilingual Kindergarten program. Come see what we have to offer!

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Family Bulletin: December 15, 2023
We want to thank families and friends for joining us on Thursday for our December Assembly. We hope this was an opportunity for you to see what we enjoy seeing at the end of each month from our students. Our assemblies are an opportunity for each classroom to share their achievements and classroom goals and share what they have been working on over the past month. This is an opportunity for our school to come together as a community of care and support each other in celebrating each other’s achievements.
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Congratulations to Mr. Richmond & our junior choir
Congratulations to Mr. Richmond and our junior choir for their entry into the Canadian Music Class Challenge 2023. The annual competition is an opportunity for schools across the country to showcase their talent and engage with Canadian music. We are so proud of their accomplishment! Go Bulldogs Go!
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Family Bulletin: December 1, 2023
It was wonderful to see all the families attend parent-educator interviews. We hope you were able to ask questions, provide feedback and ideas to support your student. Continue to reach out to your student’s educators throughout the year if you have any questions or you would like clarification as we are a team in your child’s development.
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Family Bulletin : November 17, 2023
Remembrance Day preparations and Kindness Week have been the focus over the past two weeks at BCPS. Our educators and students have been working on capturing their wishes for peace and understanding how to foster a community of kindness. Our Kindness squad put together activities for classrooms to engage in throughout the week. Junior students are organizing anti-bullying and cooperation based presentations that will be showcased at our school monthly assembly for the month of November. BCPS Bulldogs are learning that they can impact change while understanding how to be kind and caring. Parents are encouraged to take the opportunity to book an interview with their student(s) classroom teacher. Interviews are in person, however if you would like a virtual interview, this is an option as well. Elysa and Sadhana look forward to welcoming you into the school during interviews on November 23rd and 24th.
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Community Dental Screenings 2023-24
Community Dental Screenings activities will continue over the fall at Neighbourhood Health and Wellness Hubs. Dental screenings are free and all ages are welcome. Registered dental hygienists can also support clients with the Healthy Smiles Ontario and Ontario Seniors Dental Care Plan enrollments.
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Family Bulletin : November 2, 2023
November has already arrived and we leave behind a very busy October! We are so grateful to our School Council for putting together an amazing Halloween/Family Dance. It was a huge success due to family member volunteers and our council members. A special thank you to Andrew Jarabek for putting together quite the entertainment with the lights, the music, the videos, and organizing some fun dance floor activities. It was absolutely wonderful to see our families connect and students enjoying themselves outside of school time. All Bulldogs showed their school spirit and took a stand against bullying towards the 2SLGBTQ+ community by wearing purple on October 19th. Educators are working on putting together each student’s Progress Reports which will be made available online November 16. Families will be sent instructions on how to access progress reports in the coming week and how to book an interview with their student’s educator using an online booking syste
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Family Bulletin : October 20, 2023
BCPS is building our future leaders! BCPS has been a busy place where our students are taking on a variety of leadership roles! There are a few extra-curricular student-led activities that are taking place such as a dance and a knitting club. Coding club is in the works as well. Student voice is active where students are planning and actively navigating content with educator supervision. Our Kindness LEADS have been in training for the past week to understand how their leadership roles will support students on the yard, to help with jobs around the school such as pizza, booster juice etc. Healthy Snack is also another area where students are handing out snacks with guidelines and all students are quite enthusiastic to take on these roles!
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Family Bulletin : October 5, 2023
Dear BCPS Families, October is here and students are fully engaged in many routines and many instructional activities. The last week of September was a busy and productive week for our students and educators here at BCPS. It was a pleasure to welcome and meet all our families at our Meet our Educators Night. We hope you were able to visit your student’s classroom and understand how the learning environment is set up. If you were unable to attend, there will be Family-Educator Interviews that will take place in November to get a better understanding of your student’s achievement. Thank you to School Council for organizing a bbq where families were able to reconnect and connect. Classes honoured the learning and reflected on National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. Classes read stories and engaged in activities/discussions that focused on initiatives to work toward reconciliation. This is something staff and students will be engaging in all year long.
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Family Bulletin : September 22, 2023
The month of September has been a busy one here at BCPS. Educators have been getting to know your student and understanding their learning profiles. The Junior classes (gr. 4 to 6) were treated to a Larkin Mosscrop presentation from the Canadian Nuclear Labs to discuss energy options and conservation. Students engaged in interactive activities and even received some pretty cool sunglasses! Students have been participating in Terry Fox fundraising activities, Cross Country tryouts for grades 4-6 and primary DOT day. We are grateful to our dedicated educators who lead these great activities. Our BCPS educators are looking forward to welcoming families to our September 28th Meet the Educator Night!
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Terry Fox Run Day-Friday Sept 22, 2023
Dear BCPS friends and families, The Terry Fox National Schools Run Day at Bells Corners P.S. this year will be on Friday, September 22, 2023. Every year thousands of children lace up their running shoes to walk and run to help raise awareness and funds for cancer research. To date, over $850 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research in Terry's name. At BCPS, we are proud to be part of this great cause! Last year our school raised a bit over $1300. Our goal this year is to at least match this amount. The following is a link to our school’s fundraising page: https://schools.terryfox.ca/BellsCornersPSNepean Let’s keep Terry’s dream alive and show our Bulldog spirit! All this week we are accepting donations for the Canadian Cancer Society. You can bring your coins to school or donate online - no amount is too little, every cent counts!
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Family Bulletin : September 8, 2023
What a great first week of school! Educators and students were excited to get the school year started. Educators have been working on creating community within their classrooms and throughout the school. The most important aspect of the first few weeks of school is establishing routines, understanding expectations, and enjoying the space they will be spending the next 10 months in. This week in our daily announcements, the theme has been about “new beginnings”. A new school year brings on new goals and a fresh start to shine. Many of our walls in our halls share positive messages to our students about this year being “their year”.
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Family Bulletin : August 28, 2023
Welcome to our 2023/2024 school year! If you are new to Bells Corners, Sadhana Lad and Elysa Esposito are your proud Principal/Vice Principal Team. We look forward to meeting and working with you throughout the school year to support your student(s). Our BCPS families are an integral part of student well-being and achievement and we are excited to meet you and foster a collaborative approach in your student’s success.
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