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We acknowledge that our learning is taking place on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory. We thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us and recognize their enduring presence on this land.

Our School

Bells Corners Public School is on a large property and is next to a public park. The school is enriched by its diverse socio-economic and multicultural student population. Bells Corners Public School strives to provide each learner with an education of the highest quality in a positive environment, with caring, dedicated and effective staff. Students, teachers, parents and members of the community are all involved in establishing and maintaining a positive learning environment. Every child is given the opportunity to maximize their learning potential and develop into responsible, compassionate and confident contributors to society. We have a large number of volunteers who support our students, including many retired teachers who continue to return and volunteer their services.

Bells Corners PS. has two large kindergarten rooms, a smaller classroom dedicated to the teaching of music. We recently acquired a mobile computer lab and IPads so that students are able to work on these devices in their classrooms. We have a gym with a large stage.

Our Students

Bells Corners Public School has an enrolment of 322 students from the Bells Corners, Crystal Beach and Lakeview communities. The school serves children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. In Grade 4, our students have the option of joining the Middle French Immersion stream or of remaining in the English program. Many students from Bayshore P.S. join us in grade 4 for the Middle French Immersion program. Bells Corners PS offers a Full Day Kindergarten program and  the Extended Day Program. Students come from diverse backgrounds and represent over 30 different countries of origin and speak as many as 18 different languages.

Our Staff

The team at Bells Corners P.S. includes the principal, vice principal, 
 24 teachers, 4 educational assistants, 4 Early Childhood Educators, a 0.5 librarian, 1.5 office staff, one chief custodian and two evening custodians. The teachers, office and support staff all work together as a dedicated team, and are committed to supporting student learning and enhancing the lives of every one of our students. Our Staff have varied and rich backgrounds in literacy, math, music, art, special education, physical education, media, technology and drama.

Our Community

Bells Corners has a long history of voluntarism by parents in the school. Parents often volunteer over 3800 hours during the school year. Our School Council has numerous specific roles but all members who attend regularly have a vote. Council members meet monthly to discuss issues and to advise the principal. The School Council is dedicated to strengthening educational opportunities and partnerships within the community. The Council runs many important activities for children, including a milk program and a pizza lunch. They also host Barbecues and run family oriented fun nights, including a fall family dance held in October, movie nights and a June event with many activities for children.

BCPS works with local businesses and has received support from Tim Horton’s, Loblaws, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, The Ottawa 67’s, Fuel for Kids, Metro, the Minto Group, Canadian Tire, Price Chopper, Hakim Optical, Lenscrafters, Scotiabank, Lynwood Park Lodge Retirement Residence and our community library.

Our Mission 

Educating for success, inspiring learning and building citizenship

Our Vision

The OCDSB is a dynamic, creative learning organization that fosters the achievement, well-being, and dignity of every student.


Facilities and Resources

  • A well maintained building
  • A library/resource centre with 18,000 + books
  • A very good collection of Orff instruments
  • An excellent collection of teaching resources
  • Computer technology in every room
  • A mobile computer lab
  • A gymnasium with a stage
  • A large playground extended by the neighbourhood park
  • A play structures
  • Two tetherball courts
  • Several giant sand areas
  • A grove of trees
  • Extended Day program

Scent Free Zone

Please be aware that Bells Corners PS is a fragrance/scent-safe work and learning environment. This applies to all staff, students, parents, visitors, and volunteers who work or visit the school.

Please be aware that fragrances and scents are found in a wide range of products including perfume, aftershave, deodorant, soap air fresheners, fabric softeners, laundry detergents, facial tissues, candles, etc. Exposure to fragrances and other scented products may trigger adverse health reactions (e.g., asthma attack, anaphylactic reaction and shortness of breath) in individuals with asthma, allergies, migraines, or chemical sensitivities. Other less serious but equally debilitating symptoms include headache, sore throat, runny nose, sinus congestion, wheezing, dizziness, anxiety, anger, nausea, fatigue, mental confusion and an inability to concentrate.

In order to protect those individuals with sensitivities to fragrances and scents, and to possibly prevent others from developing such sensitivities, we are asking for your continued cooperation towards a fragrance/scent-free environment at this school. Employees, students and visitors are being requested to avoid the use of these products while at the school. It is a personal choice to use fragrances or scents; however it is important to recognize that the chemicals vaporize into the air and are easily inhaled by those around us. Today fragrances/scented products are made up of a complex mixture of chemicals which can contribute to indoor air quality problems and cause health problems.

What can you do to help?

·         Be considerate of those who are sensitive to fragrances or scents.

·         Avoid using these products in the school.

·         Discuss this issue with your children.


Please understand that this issue is not about you as a person or about your choice of fragrance or scent, but it is about the adverse reaction the use of the product may cause. The success of our fragrance/scent-free initiative will depend upon the thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation of everyone within the school community.


Thank you for your cooperation.



Programs and Services

Academic Programs

  • English Program with Core French
  • Middle French Immersion (grade 4, 5 and 6)
  • Full Day Kindergarten

Special Education and ESL Programs

  • Special Education Support from our Learning Support and Resource Teachers
  • English as a Second Language Support
  • Two Language Learning Disability Classes
  • 1  Behavior Support Program  (BIP)

Classroom Organization

  • 2 Kindergarten class
  • 7 Homeroom classes from grade 1 - 6 
  • 2 MFI classes


  • 2 Language Learning Disability classes (LLD)
  • LLDA
  • 1  Behavior Support Program  (BIP)
  • BIP

Clubs and Activities

  • House league and interscholastic sports include: basketball, borden ball, cross-country, soccer, and dodgeball.
  • Clubs:  Choir , Running Club,  Chess Club Pokemon, Environmental, Neurodivergent.
  • Student Mentors: Bus buddies, Lunch monitors, Reading buddies, Amigos
  • Scientists in the School
  • Tutors in the Classroom
  • Healthy Snacks Program
  • Fund-raisers for charitable organizations
  • School wide creative events 
  •  Assemblies 
  • Spirit days
  • Pizza and Milk Program
  • Cultural Presentations
  • Wide variety of field trips
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